41.50 N, 73.96 W


41.50 N, 73.96 W


Guys, this wedding.  These images.  They have stopped me in my tracks this morning because these two are just exuding happiness from everywhere!!  I’m happy just looking at these two, and I hope they make you smile too.  Happy Wedding, Adrienne & Ian, you guys are the best – I’m so glad you guys worked […]

Keren & Stephen’s wedding was just the most picture-perfect, quintessential New England affair.  Set at Mystic Seaport with gorgeous sunlight, boats, and super fun friends and family, these guys had the best day!  I was so happy to be with them and I’m beyond excited to share some of my favorites today. Venue: Mystic Seaport […]

Man, oh man. This wedding. So many plans, ideas, thoughts and effort. I think I have been talking with Sam and Tom for almost 2 years about this one! We were so excited to be a part of such a special day and I’m pretty sure it was a day right out of their dreams. […]

When I see these photographs, they make me smile.  Doesn’t it look like Allison & Kyle are having a blast?  They are cute, they are funny, they are joking around – the day was like that, too.  Happy and joyful, exactly as a wedding should be.  It makes me so happy to be a part […]

Brides like Liza are one of my favorite things about my job.  I love, love, love taking photographs, but when my clients are really into it too – forget it, prepare to spend hours with me!  The dual excitement, ah! When it came to this engagement session, she thought, we planned, rain came, we texted….and finally […]

I met Sam almost 5 years ago, at one of my favorite weddings of all time.  Sam was so happy and smiley, gracious and sweet, just like the rest of her family.  Needless to say, I was SUPER excited when she dropped me a line to say that she had gotten engaged and was looking for […]

I met Alexis and Billy for the first time a few weeks before their wedding.  They were just hanging out with their dog on a park bench in the city, waiting for me to get there so we could start their engagement session.  We laughed and talked, and walked, and I took photos of them […]

We are back!  With a new, gorgeous website and blog.  So, so exciting.  Sorry for the radio silence around here, but we’ve been working like crazy behind the scenes on this new look, and I’m so happy with it!  I wanted to focus to be only on the images, and now we have it.  So, […]

Starting the year off right!  One of my favorite places with a great couple that deserved nothing but a perfect day.  And, we got it!  40ish degrees in January with a little bit of sun peeking through!  I will take it.  All portraits outdoors in the middle of Winter is not bad at all. Kristen […]

I shot Courtney & Bobby’s engagement session last year in the snow, my first of 2015, and so, it was completely fitting that their wedding was our last for 2015!  To start and end the year shooting these two definitely works for me. They had an outdoor ceremony in late fall at Falkirk Estate and […]