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Monday Updates!

Yes, Monday!  I’ve been waiting all week for Monday to roll around again. Haven’t you?…


I’m sort of kidding – I actually love Mondays right now, I get so much done and love being set up for the week.  The fact that it is an absolutely beautiful today is helping, and I have a beach engagement session scheduled with an awesome couple, which is always super fun (plus the fact that we don’t have to reschedule because of rain is doubly great!).  And so, how was everyone’s weekend? 

We had a wedding at Locust Grove on Saturday amidst the tornado warnings – you know, just another saturday, no biggie.  We were so happy because everything turned out perfectly, even though we had to hustle to make it all happen (I’m blaming the tornado for why we look insanely sweaty in the photobooth photos below…).  So happy we were able to make everything work, including – outdoor photos! and church exit! and outdoor cocktail hour!  Not bad considering – here is a sneak peek photo from before the rain.  The 2nd photo is Melissa and Adam running for cover 🙂


The awesome staff of Lola’s Cafe was a huge help in getting it all orchestrated, love them.  And the food, just amazing.  Check this out – are you hungry yet?

They also had a photobooh – look at these photos, we have issues, I know.  I can admit it.  Cute photo holder though, right?  Go Melissa! (yes, I know I snuck in one of the fun ring shots too – but look at the photo holder, its underneath)

In other news, my little Soph started preschool last week.  The house is so quiet when she is not home!  Here she is in front of the school on the first day.  I hope she loves it!

Ok, this is important.  I NEED answers (ladies, please comment on here or FB, I need to know) – where do you all get your jeans??!  Have you seen this analysis?  I have jeans from the Gap, do I look like this??  After reading this, I want to throw out all my jeans and go get some cute ones.  Who’s with me?  I need to know if you all knew this already and I’m just in the dark.  I’m ready to go shopping.

I have a lot of stuff coming in the next few weeks!  Our bathroom portrait wall is almost done so I’m going to give the details there, and show you guys some albums that have come in recently, and of course, some more family stuff :).  Fall is our last super-busy time of year before things wind down a little for the winter (winter = babies, families, albums and fun stuff) – I’m so excited for the weddings we have this fall, you guys are going to love them!

I hope everyone has a gorgeous day today!  Back with a lot of sessions this week and more information on the mini-sessions for October!

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